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Re: new installation

Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> Andrew Sharp wrote:

> OF works quite well on my StarMax.  That's why I'm thinking it will work on Bruno's
> 4400, since the StarMax is a 4400 clone.

Not a wise inference, since Apple is involved.  I'm glad OF works on
your StarMax.  I guess that I can now admit that I worked for
Starmax back when it was called Powerhouse, then FirePower, and then
Motorola bought them, and they became StarMax.  I am thinking of the
right company, aren't I?

> > If so, quik is definitely a possibility.  The only hard
> > thing about quik it is that the OF on apple oldworld macs is so
> > flaky that it can't be counted on to do the same thing twice in a
> > row, like booting from a hard disk.
> I haven't had this problem.  When it starts up, I get the black-on-white OF screen,
> and I type "boot"  with optional parameters or my wife types "bye" to enter MacOS.
> Works every time.  Must be a charmed oldworld.

Sometimes the Apple does fall far from the tree.

> Well, almost works, in a cold restart there's always an IDE-related kernel panic the
> first time, then I hit reset and the second time it always boots fine.  I've been
> planning to investigate further for some time...  Meanwhile, my wife laughs at how
> I have to type "boot" three times: once to get the zip to spin up, again gives the
> kernel panic, the third time works. :-)


> > An
> > extra ide disk isn't too expensive if you get an old one.  You don't
> > have to make it a slave, instead you can make the CDROM a slave,
> > no?
> Right, then you can't access the CDROM from MacOS.  Something has to give.

You mean from OF?  Or are you saying that MockOS can't see slave
drives even after booting up?  How does BootX see them?

> > Even if it was a slave, BootX will be able to see it, so all
> > you would need to do is specify the root file system in the bootx
> > parameters.  I think there is a special box just for the root file
> > system spec.
> Yup.  BootX works fine with my IDE slave installation, I think I mentioned this.
> offb even lets me use the unsupported MacPicasso 540 card!  (clgenfb doesn't seem to
> work with this GD5480.)
> Part of the point of seeing if Bruno can use quik is so he doesn't have to buy the
> extra IDE just for a firewall.  And to have a completely free machine, etc., though
> it doesn't sound like that's at the top of his priority list.


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