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Re: [ANN] Gnome 1.4 debs available

Bastien Nocera wrote:

> Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> >
> > These are the Ximian .debs?  If so, they're binary incompatible with official
> > GNOME .debs, and Ximian is no longer supporting sid: "unstable is changing a bit
> > too fast underneath us."  So I guess those .debs are for stable?
> Nope, for testing... Means that we won't get stuff like Nautilus 1.0.1
> (which is part GNOME 1.4, and works on PPC) until more than 2 weeks.
> Nautilus 1.0 from unstable is broken on PPC.

I see, makes sense.

Nautilus 1.0 in unstable has icon label problems on my machine, but aside from that
it seems to work fine.  I'll wait the few days it takes for Takuo to upload 1.0.1,
then build and upload that for PPC, but can understand if impatient testing users
can't wait until it lands.  Well, okay, maybe I can't understand it, but that's their
perogative. :-)

> Sure... But there are people that want the stuff _now_. I wanted to test
> Nautilus and Evolution more for example before going to GUADEC. I offer
> them as a gift to the Debian/PPC users, and try to do my best to keep
> them up-to-date and working. If you don't like them, and don't mind
> waiting ages to get already obsolete packages, that's your problem.

Agreed, but other Debian/PPC users should know about their limitations, right?
Binary incompatibility with and inability to smoothly upgrade to new versions of the
official .debs (because of version numbers) are serious issues, which any user should
take into account before using Ximian .debs.

Is there a problem with this?  Should I not have posted these issues to the list?
I'm not sure I understand this part of your reply...


-Adam P.

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