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Re: [ANN] Gnome 1.4 debs available

Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > http://hadess.net/idoru.shtml for all the info
> >
> > No Fifth Toe applications available yet, old applications should work
> > alright, maybe a symlink here and there for the libraries.
> > I'll add them as I build them, after GUADEC.
> These are the Ximian .debs?  If so, they're binary incompatible with official
> GNOME .debs, and Ximian is no longer supporting sid: "unstable is changing a bit
> too fast underneath us."  So I guess those .debs are for stable?

Nope, for testing... Means that we won't get stuff like Nautilus 1.0.1
(which is part GNOME 1.4, and works on PPC) until more than 2 weeks.
Nautilus 1.0 from unstable is broken on PPC.

> See http://kt.zork.net/debian/dd20010328_28.html#5
> IMHO, the Ximian .debs play an important role for some stable users (except for
> the upgrade headache because of their version numbers), and may have been
> helpful for 1.2 releases a few months ago.  But now that Christian and Takuo
> etc. have caught up (and we even have a pretty complete set for PPC), it seems
> that for unstable users there is not such a strong reason to use them, and in
> addition to duplicating packaging effort, they split bug reports so nobody has a
> complete set.

Sure... But there are people that want the stuff _now_. I wanted to test
Nautilus and Evolution more for example before going to GUADEC. I offer
them as a gift to the Debian/PPC users, and try to do my best to keep
them up-to-date and working. If you don't like them, and don't mind
waiting ages to get already obsolete packages, that's your problem.

BTW, the packages are mostly based off Debian packages updated to the
latest sources (uupdate is my friend).


/Bastien Nocera

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