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Re: new installation on 4400/200

Andrew Sharp wrote:

> Well, not really.  I have a machine with only 7.5.2 on it, and was
> able to get stuffit and bootx on there.  You just have to use the
> right version of stuffit.  They have many on their ftp site.

Really?  What's the right version?  I could only find the most recent, which didn't
install, and older versions didn't unpack it.  Version sandwich...

> The
> fight is not won, however, until you can get it onto the mockos
> partition, unless you're downloading it from macos.  But I was
> downloading it using Linux and there's a rub.  So I used netatalk to
> handle it.  It has a handy `unbin' program which will unpack .bin
> files.  But now that I have more experience, I would install the
> netatalk package, unbin the stuffit.bin file, and then use hfscopy
> to copy the result to the hfs partition, and see if that would
> work.

Yup, that's what I did, from the tarball (thanks for repeating the link), without


-Adam P.

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