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Re: new installation on 4400/200

On Thu, Apr 05, 2001 at 10:00:21AM +0200, Bruno Waes wrote:
> so far i managed to install debian on i386, sparc and alpha, and now i want
> to give powerpc a try ;-)

you will find that oldworld macs are a right pain in the ass to
bootstrap without macos.  if you keep macos around you can use bootx.
preferablly use an older macos such as 8 something as 9 is more
problematic with bootx.  

> in a few days i am getting a 4400/200 system, i heard that is a pci system
> where i can use normal pc nic's for example (ones supported by linux), is
> this correct ?

if its PCI you can indeed use any old PC NIC and linux will support
while MacOS pretends its not there.  penguinppc.org is using a 3com
vortex right now.  

> is this machine able to boot from cdrom ?

no you will need to use the hfs-boot floppy, but then that is rather
broken see the list archives.  its useful if you want to purge all
traces of MacOS and use quik, but you first need to figure out the
right unholy witchcraft to perform on OpenFirmware to allow quik work
on this particular machine.

> i am planning it to use as a headless, firewall/gateway box for soho use.

sounds like a good use. 

Ethan Benson

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