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Re: new installation on 4400/200

Well, not really.  I have a machine with only 7.5.2 on it, and was
able to get stuffit and bootx on there.  You just have to use the
right version of stuffit.  They have many on their ftp site.  The
fight is not won, however, until you can get it onto the mockos
partition, unless you're downloading it from macos.  But I was
downloading it using Linux and there's a rub.  So I used netatalk to
handle it.  It has a handy `unbin' program which will unpack .bin
files.  But now that I have more experience, I would install the
netatalk package, unbin the stuffit.bin file, and then use hfscopy
to copy the result to the hfs partition, and see if that would
work.  Especially since it sounds like you don't already have
ethernet?  Or maybe you do and you just need to add a second to make
the firewall thing work.

I have to admit that getting that mac and my x86 laptop netatalking
(tm) wasn't that hard.  A real tip o' the hat to the netatalk
maintainers.  The worst part was having to reboot the mac 15 times. 
OK, I exaggerate.  It was only ten times.

If you want to go the tar way:



Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> D'oh!  Jumped elsewhere mid-sentence...
> Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> > Uh oh...  I wasn't able to get it to unpack in MockOS either (on a Motorola
> > StarMax- pmac 4400 clone with 7.6, the newer StuffIt don't run on <8.1), had to
> > unpack the tarball in Linux (link somewhere in the "Sand use hfscopy to get it
> > there in a form where it would run.
> (link somewhere in the "Stuffit..." thread which started 2/22) and use ...
> Point is: to use BootX, you either need either MockOS 8.1 or Linux just to unpack
> it!  Oh well.

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