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Re: xserver crashes

Taro Fukunaga wrote:

> > I removed xscreensaver but I still have this problem. Seems to be a
> > problem when I'm moving mozilla 17 or netscape windows, which to be
> > fairly large on my monitor. I have no other screensavers. Netscape is
> > from an rpm which I repackages as a deb. And I think m17 is not from
> > original deb either but from mozilla.org tarball.
> Well I am still getting this problem. About every 30 minutes or so, a window
> I'm trying to move becomes unplacable, meaning if I click my mouse nothing
> happens and after about 10 tries or so X locks up.

Which window manager? Have you tried another one?

> Also I found that I have to have the screensaver or I get logged out
> automatically and go back into wdm.

I don't understand this, please explain further.

> I don't think this problem has anything to do with mozilla but possibly
> with my Xserver or XFree86Config.

Sorry if you mentioned it before, but which X server is it?


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