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Re: XFBDev problem

Derek Homeier wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Andrew B. Arthur wrote:
> > Uwe Muench wrote:
> > >
> > > I have a problem with installing X on a Powermac 4400/220 with a
> > > 1-button mouse connected to /dev/adbmouse. I installed the
> > > xserver-fbdev package.
> >
> > Just wanted to point out that fbdev (aka XF68_FBDev in XF3.3 or the
> > fbdev driver in XF4) in my experience in both XFree86 3.3 and XFree86
> > 4.0 is broken on the Mach64 VT (assuming your using the atyfb.c from
> > Linux 2.4 -- as the one in Linux 2.2 is unusable (although the one in
> > 2.1.x is :\ )). It leaves nasty black pixels on the screen, and  doesn't
> > refresh properly.
> >
> Slightly different experience here. The latest XF68_FBDev in XFree 3.3
> was usable with the 2.2 kernels (mostly from BenH's tree), though the
> refreshing problems and vertical lines becoming slanted were certainly
> annoying.

The wrong pixels are probably acceleration problems which could be
circumvented with the "NoAccel" option, at the cost of speed of course.

> > That said, annex's "ati" driver in XFree86 4.0.1, crashes my box hard
> > after moving a window or closing a window with the Mach64 VT.
> >
> Which one is that? I've installed Ani Joshi's latest driver from

Ani Joshi == annex (on IRC)

> penguinppc.org, and that only crashes the machine when I've booted with
> BootX (right on starting up X, in fact).

A known problem which can be overcome with a 2.4 kernel or with a patch by
Michael Schmitz for 2.2.

> When booted with yaboot, XF4 has a habit of spontaneously dying after
> 1 sec--10 min, but never harms the OS. Refresh and display is excellent
> however, as long as it's up ;^/.

That would be an X4 bug then, please report it with as much information as
possible to Ani or whoever he directs you to.

> > It should be noted, Xpmac runs pretty good with the Mach64 VT and atyfb
> > frame-buffer driver, except for a slight bend on the top of the screen
> > (and the fact the screen is a bit too much to the right). But all of
> > those problems, can be adjusted with the montior controls.
> >
> Yep, and it's the only thing I can use now I have XF4 installed.

No, you should still be able to have the 3.3.6 xserver-fbdev package


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