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Re: xserver crashes

On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 07:15:58PM -0700, Taro Fukunaga wrote:
> Well I am still getting this problem. About every 30 minutes or so, a window I'm
> trying to move becomes unplacable, meaning if I click my mouse nothing happens
> and after about 10 tries or so X locks up. Also I found that I have to have the
> screensaver or I get logged out automatically and go back into wdm. I don't
> think this problem has anything to do with mozilla but possibly with my Xserver
> or XFree86Config. I can't believe no one else is having this problem.
> I am beginning to long for the days of slow but trusty MkLinux!

Too wierd.  How's the temperature inside your case?  Overheating causes
spurious problems w/ CPU, memory (main and video card).

Even if it's cold, have you tried a memory tester?  I hear SGI's is nice.

						- chad

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