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Re: report on iMacDV/iBook SE (was Re: Installing Debian on an Imac DV)

Quoting Michel Dänzer <daenzerm@student.ethz.ch>:

> Hadess wrote:
> > Hum, another question. I've already got the 4.0.1 PPC debs. Can I
> still use
> > my iBook with that ?
> I don't understand your question, especially the 'still'?

I mean, I know that DRI-PPC does work with the Rage 128 Mobility (you told me 
about the option to disable the automatic detection, etc.), but is the version 
packed in the X-Force .debs enough ?

> It may not work, but you can try without Option "UseFBDev".

Hum, that would answer my question.

Thanks =)


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