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Re: Booting of PPC Installation on PowerPC/Mac impossible?

> > > Sorry if I missed something, but why don't you just use BootX?
> > 
> > Because not everyone wants to keep MacOS around, I assume.
> Sure, I'm one of those people.  But if it's between not having macos
> around or not using the machine at all?

I just wanted to recycle a mac we have here. Having in mind how easy it is to 
install debian on i386 and sparc, I wanted to avoid the effort to run MacOS (I 
never installed it and I never used it). If I would have an MacOS expert 
around, I probably wouldn't mind.

> Many of you will remember that bootx was a great step forward when it
> came out because it eliminated *exactly these problems* that the
> original poster is having.  But then, he's probably already lost
> interest in the discussion and waiting for his pc to arrive....

Guillaume didn't stop sending comments. The current state is that the 9500 can 
read the quik bootstrap information from the HD but does not find a suitable 

> > > That's weird : macs usually makes one beng when boot tests are sucessful (your hear a
> > > crashing glass else), but I wasn't aware that it could beep several time. Did you try to
> > > remove fancy hardware and extra ram ??? Should not be necesary if the mac used to show
> > > the question mark when it tries booting macos (then all is fine except it cannot find a
> > > suitable system folder on either hd, cd on floppy to boot from)
> >
> > I was wrong here:
> >
> > the beeps in between the mac bengs come from the monitor. And the two bengs
> > (and the beeps) are only there if I reboot from the linux installation
> > procedure.
> Thats cool ! it means that the 9500 can correctly read the quik bootstrap information from the
> hd, since it must reset the computer to give linux the ability to take over(it has something
> to do with the init of the scsi busses I believe).
> Each time you reset the PRAM, you reset the 9500 to "macos mode", quik makes it return its
> into "linux mode", resets it and then hangs.
> So we narrowed the problem to this: your quik cannot fnd a suitable kernel, check quik.conf
> and the state of the system installed !



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