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> > I was only wondering, because the i386 does not have a reservered sda1.
> Yes, they use a rather idiot way IMHO (primary/extended, sounds like a serverly patched thing,
> 2G and now the 30 G limit...)
> I one word like in a hundred as we're used to say in french : I prefer ppc for much reasons...

If these strange things go away this way, I agree with you.

> >
> > the beeps in between the mac bengs come from the monitor. And the two bengs
> > (and the beeps) are only there if I reboot from the linux installation
> > procedure.
> Thats cool ! it means that the 9500 can correctly read the quik bootstrap information from the
> hd, since it must reset the computer to give linux the ability to take over(it has something
> to do with the init of the scsi busses I believe).
> Each time you reset the PRAM, you reset the 9500 to "macos mode", quik makes it return its
> into "linux mode", resets it and then hangs.
> So we narrowed the problem to this: your quik cannot fnd a suitable kernel, check quik.conf
> and the state of the system installed !

Hmm, in the meantime image points to /boot/vmlinux-2.2.15. Is there anything I 
can do to find out if the kernel is "suitable"?

The state of the system is as it is from the Debian dh_bootstrap installation 
routine (and I installed arround a dozen of i386 debians).

Would it help if I email it to you (ftp out works before I reboot the machine)?

Would it help if I email something else ?

Or tar the complete system and make it available for download?


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