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Re: Booting of PPC Installation on PowerPC/Mac impossible?

Thanks for your help. In the meantime I even got a nvsetenv output from 
Guillaume for the 9500 (attached). Mine is basically the same (differences 
also attached). But is see still the black screen (and the system does not 
reply on ping, so it is probably not only a display problem). My procedure is 

- Having the root partition on /dev/sda2 (not sure what sda1 is, I can't get 
rid of it).

- make system bootable from harddisk in dh_bootstrap (creates a (reasonable) 
quik.conf, (attached))

- /target/sbin/quik -C /target/etc/quik.conf -r /target

- chroot /target

- nvsetenv boot-device scsi-int/sd@0:0

- optionally change boot-command to what was suggested by Guillaume

- Reboot from dh-bootstrap.

The I get only sound: a bing, four beeps and another bing. But the screen 
remains black.

If there are no obvious mistakes in this procedure, I think I should realize 
that Debian is simply not working on the 9500 from Apple (for me and order an 

An installation cycle is now really qui(c)k, so it is not a big effort to 
modify something in the procedure.

Thanks again for your help.


> On Mon, Jun 19, 2000 at 09:31:53PM +0200, Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> > 
> > http://www.debian.de/Lists-Archives/debian-powerpc-0006/msg00018.html
> > 
> That's one of them, yes.
> > This in combination with the above post brought me a black screen (but I 
> > managed already to start the next installation cycle). Is there any 
> > deterministic approach to find out the path? Or to get a list of possible 
> > paths?
> Nope :(  That's the big problem.  We're working on a way to get this
> from the kernel.
> > Can I somehow enter OF as it is possible by pressing Del to enter a i386 BIOS? 
> > Is this documented somewhere?
> You need to hold down cmd-opt-O-F, but first you need to properly set
> kbd and screen aliases.  I don't know what the 9500 uses.
> > I guess, I should first run quik and then do the chroot. Right? That might 
> > have been my mistake in the first trial.
> Doesn't matter which order.
> Dan
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#forw [forwarded message] +/home/rainer/Mail/linux/debian/powerpc 25

little-endian?  false
real-mode?      false
auto-boot?      true
diag-switch?    false
fcode-debug?    false
oem-banner?     false
oem-logo?       false
use-nvramrc?    false
real-base       0xffffffff
real-size       0x100000
virt-base       0xffffffff
virt-size       0x100000
load-base       0x4000
pci-probe-list  0xffffffff
screen-#columns 0x64
screen-#rows    0x28
selftest-#megs  0x0
boot-device     scsi-int/sd@0:0
diag-device     fd:diags
input-device    ttya
output-device   ttya
boot-command    boot

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