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Re: Booting of PPC Installation on PowerPC/Mac impossible?


I make marginal progress here, but something is still going really wrong. The 
make bootable from harddisk option withing dh_bootstrap does not throw the 
message not yet possible for powerpc message any more (a typo during fdisk 
made the root partition too small). But booting still does not work. Iterating 
is pretty tiem consuming, since you have to do the complete base installation 
again and again. I see only a floppy disk on the screen after reboot.

Thus, let me describe, what I did. Maybe there is an obvious mistake in this 
procedure (due to my inexperience with PPC hardware and open firmware (still 
not sure, if this is only a fancier name for BIOS)):

Powermac/9500, SCSI disk.

Booted with boot-floopy-image.hfs and root.bin from the powermac/images-1.44 

Run fdisk during dh_bootstrap: Deleted all partitions and run initialize
Made a root partition /dev/sda2

Did the normal install process over the network.

Flawless so far.

Make system rebootable from harddisk (no error message any more)

Make system rebootable from floppy (not yet implemented)

Reboot the System.

I see only the floppy on a blank screen.

Repeat the above procedure.

This time check /targe/etc/quik.conf

The same as the one you attached, except


is added.



is given.

Is there anything, what is obviously wrong/missing?

Is debian-powerpc supposed to be released with potato? If not, debian-testing 
can be excluded from the cc.



> On Sat, Jun 17, 2000 at 10:31:58PM +0200, Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> > 
> > I used the latest boot floppies (2.2.15-2000-06-07) from potato 
> > (boot-floppy-hfs.img and root.bin). I donwloaded drivers and base.tgz from the 
> > net (worked perfectly, well I am not sure about sound, but at least network). 
> > But the last steps failed (boot from harddisk, make a boot floppy).
> > 
> > Can anybody send me the man page of quik (I do not have an installed Debian 
> > powerpc system) and quik.conf?
> Here.
> Dan
> /--------------------------------\  /--------------------------------\
> |       Daniel Jacobowitz        |__|        SCS Class of 2002       |
> |   Debian GNU/Linux Developer    __    Carnegie Mellon University   |
> |         dan@debian.org         |  |       dmj+@andrew.cmu.edu      |
> \--------------------------------/  \--------------------------------/
> # Example of how can be quik.conf set up
> root = /dev/sda2
> timeout = 50
> default = stable
> image = /vmlinux.stable
> 	label = stable
> image = /vmlinux.bak
> 	label = bak

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