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Re: Booting of PPC Installation on PowerPC/Mac impossible?

Thank you for the quick reply.

> No, it's not really a fancier name for BIOS.  It does a tremendous
> amount more than a PC BIOS.

Having in mind the trouble it causes to me, I would prefer a simple BIOS ;-)

> > Make system rebootable from harddisk (no error message any more)
> > 
> > Make system rebootable from floppy (not yet implemented)
> As I said, making a system bootable with Quik is documented in the
> mailing list archives.  You need to use nvsetenv in order to do it.

Are you refering to this post



> On a 9500 you would probably want 'nvsetenv boot-file scsi-int/sd@0:0',
> but I'm not entirely sure.

This in combination with the above post brought me a black screen (but I 
managed already to start the next installation cycle). Is there any 
deterministic approach to find out the path? Or to get a list of possible 
Can I somehow enter OF as it is possible by pressing Del to enter a i386 BIOS? 
Is this documented somewhere?
> In order to get at nvsetenv you will need to go to VT2 and type 
> "chroot /target" after installing the base system.

I guess, I should first run quik and then do the chroot. Right? That might 
have been my mistake in the first trial.



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