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Re: Booting of PPC Installation on PowerPC/Mac impossible?

> > Guillaume didn't stop sending comments. The current state is that the 9500 can 
> > read the quik bootstrap information from the HD but does not find a suitable 
> > kernel:
> [...]
> > > Thats cool ! it means that the 9500 can correctly read the quik
> > > bootstrap information from the hd, since it must reset the
> > > computer to give linux the ability to take over(it has something
> > > to do with the init of the scsi busses I believe).  Each time you
> > > reset the PRAM, you reset the 9500 to "macos mode", quik makes it
> > > return its into "linux mode", resets it and then hangs.  So we
> > > narrowed the problem to this: your quik cannot fnd a suitable
> > > kernel, check quik.conf and the state of the system installed !
> What's your `boot-file' setting in OF?  Mine looks like " 2/vmlinux",
> where the space in front of the 2 is required, 2 refers to the
> partition that holds the kernel, and vmlinux (not vmlinuz, as I think
> you've already discovered) is a symlink to my kernel.  Also, I seem to
> recall that some version of quik didn't follow symlinks (though this
> may be a red herring), so you might try using the full path to your
> kernel.

So far, boot-file was empty, because I assumed that telling quik in quik.conf 
should be enough. But even if I set boot-file to " 2/boot/vmlinux-2.2.15" 
there is no change. Still two bengs and in between the monitor loses the sync 
signal after the reboot from the installation discs.



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