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deb-ppc: recommended browser and email client ?

I've just got X windows running (limping) on my powerbook.  I was using communicator on my Intel laptop and would probably stuck with it (even though it is a *big* memory hog and has some bugs) but it is not packaged for powerpc.  This surprises me a little with the impending 2.2 release.  I thought communicator would be a high priority for a lot of people.  Since communicator is not available, I have installed Mozilla.  I can email and browse but this product crashes quite often.  I think it is Milestone14 and I know Milestone15 has be released.

What are other people using for web browsing and email clients on their powerpc machines ?
Any recommendations ?
Is communicator going to be available anytime in the near future ?
Is Mozilla going to replace communicator at any stage ?
Would I be better off sticking to Mozilla and hoping that the features catch up to Communicator's real soon ?

I thought that Mozilla and Communicator are from the same source code, so why are some of the features missing in Mozilla ?  Are they supposed to be in sync or are they totally seperate projects ?  They do look quite different but someone told me that the new version of Communicator looks similar to Mozilla.  Is this true ?

Brendan Simon.

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