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Re: harddrive troubles with install on G3 powerbook

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 09:17:16PM -0400, Chad Miller wrote:

> I see somewhat the same; booting cold from 'yaboot', mine hangs near the
> SCSI initialization.  I find I must boot (BootX) from MacOS (but not
> necessarily with BootX' `Force SCSI Init.' on), so you might try that.  This
> might superficially work-around our problem, but I'd love to use that 400M 
> as swap.  I can warm-boot after that using yaboot (the video doesn't have 
> quite the same behavior) but it appears to be fine.

I tried for a while to yaboot my Lombard with various problems.  I went
back to BootX after reading that Paulus had trouble with the video driver.
Perhaps, until this is solved, we might want to include instructions on how
to bring this up with BootX.  This is kind of needed for the Lombards.

Dave Brown

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