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Re: deb-ppc: recommended browser and email client ?

> What are other people using for web browsing and email clients on their
> powerpc machines ?

I'm using Netscape 4.7 at the moment for browsing and mail - I found
Mozilla too unstable. To be honest, I'm thinking about switching to mutt
in a console window for IMAP mail, as soon as I get my head around
.muttrc. Balsa is way too buggy for IMAP at the moment.

> Any recommendations ?
> Is communicator going to be available anytime in the near future ?

It kind of is, but I installed it by running alien on an rpm, because
apt-get told me that the .debs dependencies are broken.

> Is Mozilla going to replace communicator at any stage ?

That's what most of us hope, I think.

> Would I be better off sticking to Mozilla and hoping that the features
> catch up to Communicator's real soon ?

I don't think so, unless you are an altruist. It is virtuous to test
open source code, but it is a pain to work with beta releases all the
time, laden as they are with bugs and debug code. YMMV.

> > I thought that Mozilla and Communicator are from the same source code,
> so why are some of the features missing in Mozilla ?  Are they supposed
> to be in sync or are they totally seperate projects ?

Totally separate code base these days, and separate projects. Mozilla is
pretty much rewritten from scratch. Many people think this was a good
thing, others thought it was throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
Again, YMMV.

> They do look
> quite different but someone told me that the new version of Communicator
> looks similar to Mozilla.  Is this true ?

What's been called Netscape 6 is essentially Mozilla. But to me,
communicator etc means the 4.x series and earlier.


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