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Re: Still can't get accelerated console with aty128fb!

> Renaud Dreyer wrote:
> > > Possible. Have you tried other depths? As the console has only 16 colors
> > > anyway, there's no point in running it at more than 8 bpp...
> > 
> > I'll try that next, but I know someone on a B&W G3 (with Rage128)
> > who gets accelerated console and the same
> > " Accelerator : Unknown (32)", but at lower than 32 bit.
> Maybe he was running in 24bpp, but you are in 32, or vice versa? Most gfx
> chips only support full acceleration in one of those formats.

Good point. I'm at 32bpp because all the docs I've seen always 
recommend using that depth rather than 24bpp for the Rage 128... But 
it doesn't hurt to try!

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