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Re: PowerPC Kernel installs

> Apologies since I haven't yet file a bug report or fixed the kernel-image
> packages installer to not attempt to use quik on PReP systems.  I'm trying
> but am low on time and swimming in email. :-/
> Anybody care to fix this?

sure :-)  i'm working on 2.2.14 now, not very easy to create an clean 
kernel-source-diff for all subarchs. I can think of better ways to do something
than compiling 200 images per week. 

The quik problem shouldn't be a one !??

Package: kernel-image-2.2.14-prep
Architecture: powerpc
Section: base
Priority: optional
Provides: kernel-image
Suggests: fdutils, kernel-doc-2.2.14  <- no quik, but i will look deeper for this,

it is possible in one of the post*, pre* scripts. 



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