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Re: PowerPC Kernel installs

der.hans was said to been seen saying:
> How're you installing the new kernel? Do you have a partition of type 41
> at the beginning of the disk onto which you dd the kernel?
	Yes... the system has 3 partitions on a SCSI harddrive... sda1 is
the ext2 / partitions, sda2 is the Type 41 PPC PReP Boot partition and
sda3 is the swap... do I have to dd the kernel to the PReP boot partition?
This was actually done for me during the install through the boot disks I
grab'd off www.debian.org for PReP... The kernels I have been attempting
to install are the kernel-image-2.2.{12,13}-prep which want to run quik
to make the system bootable...

> That's what I do for my blackhawks and other Mot boxen.
> I'd say not since you mention quik :). I haven't used quik, so have no
> clue if it works. I haven't needed it. If I have two disks, one is my
> stable kernel and the other is my unstable kernel.
	Only reason I mention'd quik was that the kernel-image packages
have both tried to use it to make the system bootable...

> Did you install based on http://www.debian.org/~porter/? If you used
> another setup or set of docs I'd like to know about them as it might have
> more/different info than what Matt has up.
	Yes that is the install instructions I followed when I first did
the install and it made the system bootable from the harddrive... Since
then I have not been able to reproduce whatever it did to make the system
boot the kernel... Even though I"ve install'd new kernels on the system it
still has yet to boot one of them...

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