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PowerPC Kernel installs

Okay... I've work'd with Intel and Alpha machines for quite some time now
and have no problem installing a new kernel on them... However this PowerPC
is kickin my butt and laughin at me all the while when I try to install a
new kernel... I'm not even tryin to be fancy and compile my own kernel, I'm
actually tryin to use the standard kernels in the distro (potato) and havin
zero luck... It still boots the original kernel from the install diskettes
even though I've install'd a 2.2.12 and 2.2.13 image package on...

	The machine in question is a Motorola RiscPC with a 604e chip... The
/proc/cpuinfo ^machine line reads "PReP Blackhawk (Powerstack)"... If someone
could please enlighten me I would be eternally grateful... Every time the
kernel-image-* tries to install I get an error from quik stating that /dev/sda
is not mac-formated (of course it isn't as I'm runnin Linux not MacOS)...

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