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Re: PowerPC Kernel installs

On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, Jeremy T. Bouse wrote:

> Okay... I've work'd with Intel and Alpha machines for quite some time now
> and have no problem installing a new kernel on them... However this PowerPC
> is kickin my butt and laughin at me all the while when I try to install a
> new kernel... I'm not even tryin to be fancy and compile my own kernel, I'm
> actually tryin to use the standard kernels in the distro (potato) and havin
> zero luck... It still boots the original kernel from the install diskettes
> even though I've install'd a 2.2.12 and 2.2.13 image package on...
> 	The machine in question is a Motorola RiscPC with a 604e chip... The
> /proc/cpuinfo ^machine line reads "PReP Blackhawk (Powerstack)"... If someone
> could please enlighten me I would be eternally grateful... Every time the
> kernel-image-* tries to install I get an error from quik stating that /dev/sda
> is not mac-formated (of course it isn't as I'm runnin Linux not MacOS)...

How're you installing the new kernel? Do you have a partition of type 41
at the beginning of the disk onto which you dd the kernel?

That's what I do for my blackhawks and other Mot boxen.

I'd say not since you mention quik :). I haven't used quik, so have no
clue if it works. I haven't needed it. If I have two disks, one is my
stable kernel and the other is my unstable kernel.

Did you install based on http://www.debian.org/~porter/? If you used
another setup or set of docs I'd like to know about them as it might have
more/different info than what Matt has up.



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