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Re: PowerPC Kernel installs

	Yeah... I found inside the Documentation/powerpc/zImage_layout.txt
some directions from Cort Dougan who says that in the PReP build you merely
'dd' the zImage to the Type 41 boot partition... This was done by the PReP
boot disk set I used to install... But it seems none of the kernel-image
packages or make-kpkg know how to handle this option for boot loading...
I'm gonna try and locate my boot disk again and see how it managed to do
this as it did check for the Type 41 (PPC PReP Boot) partition and error'd
if it didn't exist... This check could be used to ensure the system is
bootable as it shouldn't try to 'dd' to the partition if there isn't a 
PPC PReP boot partition to dd to...

	Jeremy T. Bouse
	UnderGrid Network Services, LLC

Hartmut Koptein was said to been seen saying:
> > Apologies since I haven't yet file a bug report or fixed the kernel-image
> > packages installer to not attempt to use quik on PReP systems.  I'm trying
> > but am low on time and swimming in email. :-/
> > 
> > Anybody care to fix this?
> sure :-)  i'm working on 2.2.14 now, not very easy to create an clean 
> kernel-source-diff for all subarchs. I can think of better ways to do something
> than compiling 200 images per week. 
> The quik problem shouldn't be a one !??
> Package: kernel-image-2.2.14-prep
> Architecture: powerpc
> Section: base
> Priority: optional
> Provides: kernel-image
> Suggests: fdutils, kernel-doc-2.2.14  <- no quik, but i will look deeper for this,
> it is possible in one of the post*, pre* scripts. 
> Thanks,
>       Hartmut
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