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Re: Boot disks for PowerPC

> I have just gotten my powermac (power computing clone 603e 200) back
> online after broken bash.
> My $.02 after playing with that thing for nearly two years is that 
> floppies are useless.  OF on that particular machine is way too 
> flakey, bootvars doesn't work, Quik is unreliable, have to use BootX.
> What does work nicely in that scenario is formatting a drive on 
> another machine - i86 works fine - and plugging it in.  I've done this 
> cross platform with zips, scsi and ide; I've used the same method to 
> bring up alphas too.
> I'm wondering if it might not be time for an instruction document aimed
> at doing it the easy way?  I'd be happy to volunteer for that.  Does
> it seem a good idea?

Yes, installing/setup is a worse thing. We have to play with old/new OF,
MacOS/AIX, 601, 603, 604, 750, 860, different bus-systems, ...

My favour is a graphical OF-Frontend with fdisk, selecting cd-rom and 'go'.

Please describe your method. I integrate it then into the boot-floppies and
on the powerpc webpage. 



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