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Re: Boot disks for PowerPC

>         I have access to an IBM PowerPC and would like to try installing
> Debian on it and helping out the porting effort. Is there a source package
> for creating the boot disks for the PowerPC?

Hey, great!  What is is: PReP or CHRP? 

Matt Porter works allready on PReP. 
I have an Longtrail-II, so it is a CHRP. 

What i need is mainly docu for setting up kernel + ramdisk on different powerpc

The source for boot-floppies is available on


Get also the pointerize_0.1_powerpc.deb package (Thanks Matt for pointing this out). 

We have currently a floppy space problem (not only powerpc, all other architectures also)
for the linux-2.2.x (the modules) and glibc-2.1 and the ramdisk size. Please don't work
on the scripts, we will change this in the near future. 
But you can describe boot-parameters for your IBM PowerPC, test the .config file (is is
useful as it is now?  same url as above but ~koptein/Config/*), does initrd work, 
need your special bootparameters for netbooting, ...

Sven: if you read this: can you do this also for apus?

Has someone an mbx system? 

Feanor: you for powermac?? 

Many thanks,


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