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Re: Boot disks for PowerPC

I have just gotten my powermac (power computing clone 603e 200) back
online after broken bash.

My $.02 after playing with that thing for nearly two years is that 
floppies are useless.  OF on that particular machine is way too 
flakey, bootvars doesn't work, Quik is unreliable, have to use BootX.
What does work nicely in that scenario is formatting a drive on 
another machine - i86 works fine - and plugging it in.  I've done this 
cross platform with zips, scsi and ide; I've used the same method to 
bring up alphas too.

I'm wondering if it might not be time for an instruction document aimed
at doing it the easy way?  I'd be happy to volunteer for that.  Does
it seem a good idea?


On Sun, Apr 18, 1999 at 02:34:45AM +0200, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> >         I have access to an IBM PowerPC and would like to try installing
> > Debian on it and helping out the porting effort. Is there a source package
> > for creating the boot disks for the PowerPC?
> Hey, great!  What is is: PReP or CHRP? 
> Matt Porter works allready on PReP. 
> I have an Longtrail-II, so it is a CHRP. 
> What i need is mainly docu for setting up kernel + ramdisk on different powerpc
> machines. 
> The source for boot-floppies is available on
>      http://powerpc.debian.org/~koptein/boot-floppies-apr-17.tar.gz
> Get also the pointerize_0.1_powerpc.deb package (Thanks Matt for pointing this out). 
> We have currently a floppy space problem (not only powerpc, all other architectures also)
> for the linux-2.2.x (the modules) and glibc-2.1 and the ramdisk size. Please don't work
> on the scripts, we will change this in the near future. 
> But you can describe boot-parameters for your IBM PowerPC, test the .config file (is is
> useful as it is now?  same url as above but ~koptein/Config/*), does initrd work, 
> need your special bootparameters for netbooting, ...
> Sven: if you read this: can you do this also for apus?
> Has someone an mbx system? 
> Feanor: you for powermac?? 
> Many thanks,
>      Hartmut
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