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getting started


I'm new to this list so go easy on me. I am currently running LinuxPPC
R4 on my powrmac 6500 along with MacOS 8.5.1 and BootX. But I'm not
happy with it. I am VERY interrested in Debian. But I have to start
somewhere. I am well aware of the basic install instructions available
on the FAQ-o-matic but they require that you install LinuxPPC EVERY time
you want to install Debian. I don't really want to do that. So what I
wanted to know wether there is a basic boot disk image that I can use
with BootX that will allow me to mount HFS and various CD volumes and
also a formatting tool such as pdisk so that I can format and hfs volume
to be ext2 and then copy all the base files onto it from a CD.


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