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Re: new ftp site for powerpc packages not ready for the main sites

On Fri, Feb 19, 1999 at 10:15:39PM +0100, Robert Ramiega wrote:
>  Plain ftp access will suffice i'll make mirror to check Your site once per
> day and download new delete old files
 Well it came out to be some more than just simple mirror. I've put in there
all packages i made so far (msql-2.0.7, pgp*, mutt-i and some others)
 'My' debs are somewhat crippled as i'm yet to read Debian Developers Guide
and some such (i'll print it i'll have lots of time during flight =o)) and
they might have some weird info stuffed in debian related files (most of them
are simple recompile of available debian sources; msql-2.0.7 is an exception
- available debian source is at 2.0.3

 Until Peter and I will think out some way to keep our archives in sync i'll
download manually new packages (or maybe someone knows of any package that
will do two way mirroring?)

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