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Re: new ftp site for powerpc packages not ready for the main sites

On Fri, Feb 19, 1999 at 12:12:03PM -0800, Peter Abrahamsen wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Robert Ramiega wrote:
> > valinor.nws.net does not exist (Authoritative answer)
> This is strange... It is most likely that nws.net was down for a period (it
> seems to be doing that a lot lately). I have not experienced any loss of
 If You happen to have frequent outage than Polish DNSes might have lost
information about that (the backobone i;m connected to has rather weak
international links).
> connectivity recently. The box is also called 'valinor.ssd.k12.wa.us' - a
> more 'proper' name, or I usually tell people
 Konstantinos already gave an IP address and i;m nw happily downloading whole
site using lftp (for now)
> 38mb right now, including somebody's X debs (forgot who built
> them). You're welcome to mirror it; tell me if there's some sort of daemon
> you would like installed to make that easier.
 Plain ftp access will suffice i'll make mirror to check Your site once per
day and download new delete old files
 I must admit that the site is realy fast (in comaprison to ftp.debian.org or
ftp.us.debian.org <<i know that there are 2 mirrors of Debian here in Poland
unfortunately they always lagged for several days). The mirror should be
operating by monday evening (i'm still shuffling around files form amiga
partitions around so i can make room for ftp archives)
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