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Re: new ftp site for powerpc packages not ready for the main sites

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Robert Ramiega wrote:

>  Unfortunatelly i got this:
>  host  valinor.nws.net
> valinor.nws.net does not exist (Authoritative answer)

This is strange... It is most likely that nws.net was down for a period (it
seems to be doing that a lot lately). I have not experienced any loss of
connectivity recently. The box is also called 'valinor.ssd.k12.wa.us' - a
more 'proper' name, or I usually tell people
valinor.nws.net because it's shortest.

>  Can You tell me emoutn of diskspace it takes now? I might make a mirror here
> in Poland.

38mb right now, including somebody's X debs (forgot who built
them). You're welcome to mirror it; tell me if there's some sort of daemon
you would like installed to make that easier.


Peter Abrahamsen
PGP: 0xC279D219: C080 6D6F 4492 C63D 20B7 8D41 8B17 C781 C279 D219

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