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Re: An BIG request for people that will working on powerpc packages!!

> > > if i understood correctly, you are autobuilding packages with
> > > glibc2.1, while every other debian/ppc user has older versions of
> > > lgibc arround ? does it not cause problem ? 
>  It does autobuild wmaker refuses to run because of some unknown symbol (dont
> remember what was the exact error message) any way i;m just downloading
> glibc-2.1 debs from Hartmut web page.

Sorry for this madness, i hope this new official glibc-2.1 is the last one
that breaks anything. But this is also the reason for doing it now and not in
two or three weeks. 

> >    I was attempting to install Debian-PPC on a coworkers' G3 Mac today and
> > had problems.  Eventually what I had to do was "ar xv/tar xf data.tar.gz"
> > the libc6, tar, fileutils, and dpkg packages, and then atomically copy those
> > directories over the top of the previous system. libc6 2.0.100 broke the
> > other 3 packages if installed first (preventing further installs), while if
>  I also had similar situation. I got over it by first installing apt and using
> apt as dselect method. Apt is apparently smarter than dpkg itself and this way
> i installed my system almost with no hassle.

apt is nice, eh? :-)  apt on i386 with glibc-2.1 is currently broken :-) Your
are all on the 'bleeding edge'  :-)



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