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Re: An BIG request for people that will working on powerpc packages!!

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 05:39:38PM +0100, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> Hi all!
> If you will work on powerpc packages for debian in the main stream (not contrib
> or non-free):
> Please, please ask for it!! And if you don't like it to ask: Be sure you don't
> overwrite packages on master's Incoming.

How do i ask, do we send mail to this list ? who is responsible for that ?

> You all have not the newest environment as it is installed on the autobuilder
> platform powerpc.debian.org. If you build an library and it gets installed and
> it is broken, i can't just recompile it. I must do an NMU for it. 
> You can build all from contrib and non-free. I'll appreciate it! But currently,
> don't do it for main (the reason is the new official glibc-2.1).

when will there be an official glibc-2.1 package, so that we can have system as
new as powerpc.debian.org. For what packages is that critical ?

I am building glib1.1.x and gtk1.1.x and maybe the imlib that goes on top of
that. I have a system that is almost daily upgraded to latest packages in sid,
is it ok to do maintianer uploads of this stuff ? i don't think the autobuilder
builds this stuff (maybe imlib and glib, but surely not gtk+. Anyway, the
gtk+/glib situation is a mess, I don't understand why the maintainer makes new
packages for every version of this stuff, instead of doing two packages
(glib/gtk-official lets say current 1.1.16 or something like that, put it so
 the dev stuff can go in a place apart, and a glib/gtk-beta, that is the newest
 version, and which -dev packages don't conflict with the previous ones.)

> In the database for 'failing packages' on the autobuild-site i have currently
> 298 packages!! Some of these have wrong dependencies -- i cannot say how much.
> Possible ~20-30 packages. So the rest (250 from 2500) are bad&broken! One or two
> are compiler errors (internal error); some are debian rules-bugs, some have utmpx
> errors, some db errors, some are dlib/gtk/gdk bugs, some depends in an wrong
> way on the old linux-2.0 kernel (ioctl, ucdrom, ext2-fs -headers ...) and some
> have glibc-2.1 bugs. 
> Many bug fixes are allready in the BTS, but i have no time to do NMU's. I think,
> if all bugs are closed only for the glibc-2.1 reports (from Christian and me), we
> will be down to ~50-70 packages. The rest then are kernel-headers, db, debian/rules
> and some wrong dependencies bugs.
> Everyone can work on this packages. I appreciate it!!!!!! But don't work on packages
> that builds&compiles allready cleanly. 
> My working steps are:
>  - fix the kernel-source package to allow easy compiling for subarchs (mostly
>    done; the maintainer for the kernel-package must do also some work, but he
>    is on vacation)

Do you need anything for the linux-apus kernel ?

>  - After that: boot-floppies; but can't test it for pmac, prep or apus

boot-floppies for apus ? remember we have only 880KB floppies ...

>  - updating the powerpc webpage

i will propose a project to some of my students that will consist of making a
web/mail system to better diseminate this kind of information, like put the
failing packages data on a web pages, make reservations for package compiling
and so on. If someone choose the project this could help ...



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