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Re: An BIG request for people that will working on powerpc packages!!

> > If you will work on powerpc packages for debian in the main stream (not contrib
> > or non-free):
> > Please, please ask for it!! And if you don't like it to ask: Be sure you don't
> > overwrite packages on master's Incoming.
> How do i ask, do we send mail to this list ? who is responsible for that ?

Me. Or if you'll setup an second autobuilder ... :-)

> when will there be an official glibc-2.1 package, so that we can have system as
> new as powerpc.debian.org. For what packages is that critical ?

Possible in two weeks.

> I am building glib1.1.x and gtk1.1.x and maybe the imlib that goes on top of
> that. I have a system that is almost daily upgraded to latest packages in sid,
> is it ok to do maintianer uploads of this stuff ? i don't think the autobuilder
> builds this stuff (maybe imlib and glib, but surely not gtk+. Anyway, the

He - the autobuilder - gets all packages! And all successful build packages are
uploaded! If you miss one, then it is not compile-able!! 

Another reason for delay is: We (porters) have decieded that we compile only
packages that are available on any debian mirror (not anymore in Incoming).
Soem packages gets very fast insorted some not. We cannot trust the 
packages in Incoming!!!

> gtk+/glib situation is a mess, I don't understand why the maintainer makes new
> packages for every version of this stuff, instead of doing two packages
> (glib/gtk-official lets say current 1.1.16 or something like that, put it so
>  the dev stuff can go in a place apart, and a glib/gtk-beta, that is the newest
>  version, and which -dev packages don't conflict with the previous ones.)

Thats mainly a problem of 'unstable'.

> Do you need anything for the linux-apus kernel ?

Compiles the native linux-2.2.1 source for apus -- without any patches?

> >  - After that: boot-floppies; but can't test it for pmac, prep or apus
> boot-floppies for apus ? remember we have only 880KB floppies ...

What is say: i can't test it :-)))   No, first step is to have a newer
base2.1 or base2.2 tar file (available and correct).

> >  - updating the powerpc webpage
> i will propose a project to some of my students that will consist of making a
> web/mail system to better diseminate this kind of information, like put the
> failing packages data on a web pages, make reservations for package compiling
> and so on. If someone choose the project this could help ...

This will be great!! We have something like this ... but i must write an
short message for every package then and the maitainer has then only this
and not the 'compile.log' file. The problem is the dynamic adding and 
removing of links or others to such files. But the main problem is the big
ammount of missing packages (ok, only 10% now), but if we get under 1%
this is then no problem anymore. 

For those who will work on such packages, i put these compile.log files
into  http://powerpc.debian.org/~koptein/BAD/*



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