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An BIG request for people that will working on powerpc packages!!

Hi all!

If you will work on powerpc packages for debian in the main stream (not contrib
or non-free):

Please, please ask for it!! And if you don't like it to ask: Be sure you don't
overwrite packages on master's Incoming.

You all have not the newest environment as it is installed on the autobuilder
platform powerpc.debian.org. If you build an library and it gets installed and
it is broken, i can't just recompile it. I must do an NMU for it. 

You can build all from contrib and non-free. I'll appreciate it! But currently,
don't do it for main (the reason is the new official glibc-2.1).

In the database for 'failing packages' on the autobuild-site i have currently
298 packages!! Some of these have wrong dependencies -- i cannot say how much.
Possible ~20-30 packages. So the rest (250 from 2500) are bad&broken! One or two
are compiler errors (internal error); some are debian rules-bugs, some have utmpx
errors, some db errors, some are dlib/gtk/gdk bugs, some depends in an wrong
way on the old linux-2.0 kernel (ioctl, ucdrom, ext2-fs -headers ...) and some
have glibc-2.1 bugs. 

Many bug fixes are allready in the BTS, but i have no time to do NMU's. I think,
if all bugs are closed only for the glibc-2.1 reports (from Christian and me), we
will be down to ~50-70 packages. The rest then are kernel-headers, db, debian/rules
and some wrong dependencies bugs.

Everyone can work on this packages. I appreciate it!!!!!! But don't work on packages
that builds&compiles allready cleanly. 

My working steps are:

 - fix the kernel-source package to allow easy compiling for subarchs (mostly
   done; the maintainer for the kernel-package must do also some work, but he
   is on vacation)
 - After that: boot-floppies; but can't test it for pmac, prep or apus
 - updating the powerpc webpage



 Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Hartmut Koptein                       EMail:
 Friedrich-van-Senden-Str. 7                           koptein@et-inf.fho-emden.de
 26603 Aurich   
 Tel.: +49-4941-10390                                  koptein@debian.org

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