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Re: Want some help? ("Will hack for CDs")

> > Hey! This is what I hoped for all along... Except I probably will not
> > come to Oldenburg :(
> What a pity. 

I think (hope) James will also come, so Jesper come along James.

> > I thought someone was already working on boot floppies (I think I saw
> > a few postings in the archive about this).
> I know that Espy is working on it.  But when three ppc hackers are
> around 5 computers there is a fair chance to get it working faster
> than by the work of one single person.

Nope, he is working on the kernel-package.

> For commercial vendors there is no market for exprimental Debian
> PowerPC stuff.  I'm nagged by a vendor in .de for about half a year.
> But without boot floppies and stable glibc this doesn't make sense.
> Now that the libc is stable we need the boot floppies. :-)

Oldenburg without power-connections :-)



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