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Want some help? ("Will hack for CDs")


I'm seriously considering helping out with the PowerPC/Debian port
(partly to stress test the Linux/APUS port but also because I feel the
need to work on some application level stuff - rebooting gets boring
in the long run) and spend the morning downloading PPC Debian
binaries... I only downloaded admin, devel, emacs, libs and base - and
it's not really working out. So, on to plan B - asking silly questions
on the list:

I need to get a couple of CDs with the current PPC binaries and
sources and wonder where to get those. I looked at UK distributers and
a few American, but none of them seem to do PPC images. So, where
would I get it?  Come to think of it, shouldn't Debian be sponsoring
the startup cost for new developers by sending appropriate CDs? :)


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