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Re: Want some help? ("Will hack for CDs")

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:

Martin> Jesper Skov wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm seriously considering helping out with the PowerPC/Debian port
>> (partly to stress test the Linux/APUS port but also because I feel
>> the need to work on some application level stuff - rebooting gets
>> boring in the long run) and spend the morning downloading PPC
>> Debian binaries... I only downloaded admin, devel, emacs, libs and
>> base - and it's not really working out. So, on to plan B - asking
>> silly questions on the list:
>> I need to get a couple of CDs with the current PPC binaries and
>> sources and wonder where to get those. I looked at UK distributers
>> and a few American, but none of them seem to do PPC images. So,
>> where

Martin> Come to Oldenburg and this is possible.  There will be quite
Martin> some people with burners around and a debian mirror is good
Martin> reachable - if the power is not turned off.  Even then I can
Martin> write you two cd's.

Hey! This is what I hoped for all along... Except I probably will not
come to Oldenburg :(

Martin> Right now it doesn't make much sense selling ppc cds.  The
Martin> system doesn't yet boot off off a cd nor do we have a powerpc
Martin> boot disk set.  This is one of the things we should consider
Martin> for Oldenburg.  It would be helpful if you could try to work
Martin> something out so we would have a start.

I thought someone was already working on boot floppies (I think I saw
a few postings in the archive about this).

>> would I get it?  Come to think of it, shouldn't Debian be
>> sponsoring the startup cost for new developers by sending
>> appropriate CDs? :)

Martin> The costs for new cd's are so low that it doesn't make sense
Martin> to invent a debian office who sends freshly burned CD roms to
Martin> new wannabe maintainers.  There are a lot of maintainers all
Martin> around the world who can burn you a custom Cd if you just ask.
Martin> Hint: Phil Hands also lives in the UK.

Well, I really didn't expect someone to reply that they had shipped
some CDs by overnight express.  

I was hoping for pointers to someone who has the technology (CD
burner) and a mirror of the PPC stuff. Any Debian distributor who
knows more about Debian than "it's those premade images I can
download, burn and sell". Preferably one I could pay with plastic -
which rules out the U.K. distributors :(


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