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Re: Want some help? ("Will hack for CDs")

Jesper Skov wrote:
> Hi
> I'm seriously considering helping out with the PowerPC/Debian port
> (partly to stress test the Linux/APUS port but also because I feel the
> need to work on some application level stuff - rebooting gets boring
> in the long run) and spend the morning downloading PPC Debian
> binaries... I only downloaded admin, devel, emacs, libs and base - and
> it's not really working out. So, on to plan B - asking silly questions
> on the list:
> I need to get a couple of CDs with the current PPC binaries and
> sources and wonder where to get those. I looked at UK distributers and
> a few American, but none of them seem to do PPC images. So, where

Come to Oldenburg and this is possible.  There will be quite some people
with burners around and a debian mirror is good reachable - if the power
is not turned off.  Even then I can write you two cd's.

Right now it doesn't make much sense selling ppc cds.  The system
doesn't yet boot off off a cd nor do we have a powerpc boot disk
set.  This is one of the things we should consider for Oldenburg.
It would be helpful if you could try to work something out so we
would have a start.

> would I get it?  Come to think of it, shouldn't Debian be sponsoring
> the startup cost for new developers by sending appropriate CDs? :)

The costs for new cd's are so low that it doesn't make sense to
invent a debian office who sends freshly burned CD roms to new
wannabe maintainers.  There are a lot of maintainers all around
the world who can burn you a custom Cd if you just ask.  Hint:
Phil Hands also lives in the UK.



Never trust an operating system you don't have source for!

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