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Re: New policy draft available at http://master.debian.org/%7Esrivasta/policy/

Previously Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>        This has not been possible in the past since there was no
> sanction for any such person, or indeed, even this process. Unless
> the DPL is willing to stand up and empower a person or a group, there
> is not constitutional power given to anyone except the tech ctte to
> create new policy.

Before we had the constitution we didn't have a way of doing that.
Now that we do I would like to find some framework for this and
make it an official delegate or committee.

>         Indeed, the problem seems to be lack of volunteers, and time:
>  Anyone developer can take up a policy proposal, and call for
>  discussion, or move the process along.

I also remember you saying you didn't want to take that role since there
was no official framework for it, so it's more then just a lock of

>         Unfortunately, few people have stepped up to the plate (Julian
>  did a lot a while ago, but he scaled back since)

We already have two so far..

>         The implication here is that you need someone to do most of
>  the work, and just keep everyone else in the loop.

I'm not sure if it is most of the work. It will be more though. On
the other hand I think this will benefit the policy and thus the

> I think that we should stick to the current method of policy changes
> which allows for anyone to initiate discussions, and a small group of
> developers to bring changes forth; what we need is someone with
> authority to step in and steer discussions that are stalled; and
> decide whether a consensus has been reached.

And kill of clearly wrong solutions as well I think. 

>        I still do not think that this person should be able to
> override formal objections from more than one developer (in other
> words, two or more develoerps formally objecting to the policy lead
> should be able to bring the issue before the technical committee). 

This seems like you are contradicting yourself: even if someone is
able to override formal objections from the policy-creating process
there is always the technical committee (which was partially created
for this reason).


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