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Re: New policy draft available at http://master.debian.org/%7Esrivasta/policy/

Previously Steve Gore wrote:
> Form a group (Policy Advocacy Team?) to pick up new policy proposals,
> and advocate the inclusion of said new policies.  Proposals could be
> assigned to members of a pool, and a time limit set on the advocacy
> duties.  It would be the responsibility of the member assigned to make
> sure that there was information and debate, and to sol- icit seconds.

That's overkill. The reason that new-maintainer has such a reasonable
complex structure is that it's a lot of work and we needed a way to
divide that over people, and it's a lot of responsibilaty that needs
to be handled properly.
Policy maintenance is nowhere near as high-demanding as new-maintainer.
What policy needs is someone who is willing to take a more active role
in the process and actively work on policies, while still using the
BTS-based system to keep everyone involved.

> ps: Wichert, the cc is because I'm not sure if -policy is moderated.

It's not, debian-announce, debian-news and debian-security-announce are
the only moderated lists we have.


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