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Re: New policy draft available at http://master.debian.org/%7Esrivasta/policy/

Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> What Ian is basically saying (correct me if I'm wrong here) is that he
> would like to see someone in charge of policy who takes a more active
> role and will pick up those lost proposals himself. Someone who takes a
> more active role in the process and is willing to make a stand if
> needed. I agree that the old process with a single policy czar did not
> work, we've proven that. However the current process seems to have gone
> too much into the opposite direction, and we might want to look into
> finding some middle ground.

Ok, mind if I toss my .02 in?

A middle ground seems workable.  How about something similar to what's
being done in NM now?  Form a group (Policy Advocacy Team?) to pick up
new policy proposals, and advocate the inclusion of said new policies.
Proposals could be assigned to members of a pool, and a time limit set
on the advocacy duties.  It would be the responsiblity of the member
assigned to make sure that there was information and debate, and to sol-
icit seconds.

I know that the first big hurdle would be "What if someone gets assigned
to a proposal they don't agree with?", but come on.  Everyone should be
well-rounded enough intellectually to be able to debate from a position
that they don't personally agree with.  Or, there could be a process where
by the assigned member could solicit someone else to take responsibility.
Either way, the proposal wouldn't be simply forgotten.


ps: Wichert, the cc is because I'm not sure if -policy is moderated.

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