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Re: Custom undocumented(7)s are just as bad.

>>"Zed" == Zed Pobre <zed@resonant.org> writes:

 Zed>     This requirement cannot then be placed concurrently with the
 Zed> requirement to have a manpage for every binary.  In some larger
 Zed> packages, it's pretty difficult to find out what some of those
 Zed> binaries do, except that to say that if you take one of them out
 Zed> of the path, something will break.  They don't always have
 Zed> online help.

  a) If the maintainer does not know what every binary in the common
     PATH is doing, he should give the package to someone who is
     willing to spend the time to learn the package.
  b) If the binary is an internal binary, it should not be in PATH,
     but in /usr/lib/<pkg>

        It is disturbing that the package to maintainer ratio has
 reached such limits that people routinely expect degradation of
 maintainence quality to the extent that people don't even know their
 own packages. 

        Maybe we need to open new maintainer to get more people in to
 take the weight off these over worked maintainers?

 It's documented in The Book, somewhere... --Larry Wall in
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