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Custom undocumented(7)s are just as bad.

> My main objection to undocumented(7) *is* that people treat it as a
> bug fix when use of it *is* still a bug!  If we can convince people to
> start providing real man pages (even just quick-and-dirty ones that
> point to the real documentation, which is what I ended up creating),
> then I'll be perfectly happy to keep undocumented(7) around for those
> rare cases where the maintainer hasn't yet had time to whip something
> up.  But the present case where people use undocumented(7) and leave
> it for years *must* change IMO.

 Writing your own undocumented manpage is just as bad.. typing man and
having to read something like `foobar has no manpage, type this and that and
don't bother me.' it's the same thing.
 The manpage must provide some minimal information. That's what I'd propose.
 e.g. The manpage must provide at least the information you can get from the
online help.

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