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Re: [PROPOSED] Change package relations policy to remove references to non-free from main

>>"Raul" == Raul Miller <moth@debian.org> writes:

 >> Free and non-free are a consequence of the *licence*, which
 >> has little to do with how the package works technically.

 Raul> Sure, and now you seem to be advocating some new package headers
 Raul> which are a consequence of the license.

        Please review the dialog. I have never suggesed *any* package
 headers which are a consequence of the license. I support the
 addition of enhances, since it complements the suggests keyword, and
 would be useful. Enhances is, IMHO, orthogonal to the hiding non-free
 packages from people who do not wish to see them.

 >> Now, the relationships will be independent of the licence,
 >> just depending on what the packages are (elegant, in my opinion), and
 >> I tell my tools what packages I do not want installed (not imposing
 >> my vierws on other people, nor using licencing issues to distort
 >> relationships.

 Raul> No problem there.

 >> This is configuring how my package management system behaves
 >> on my machine. Again, elegance. It shows me what I want to see, as it
 >> should.

 Raul> Still no problem.

        I am glad.

 Raul> But all this reasoning applies for the case of a free package
 Raul> with a non-free micro-package which enhances the free package
 Raul> and which suggests various non-free elements.  Except that it
 Raul> doesn't require any license dependent package headers.

        So where is the disagreement? I just object to changin a
 relationship that is bertter expressed as a suggests into a reverse
 enhances, purely based on licencing. 

 Raul> The "Enhances:" header is already going to be useful for things like
 Raul> gimp plugins and perl libraries.

        There is no disageement here.

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