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Re: [PROPOSED] Change package relations policy to remove references to non-free from main

>  Raul> This isn't about "talking about other packages".

On Thu, Dec 02, 1999 at 01:51:53PM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         Then it should be. Your raison de etre seems to be that good
>  users shall find references to non-free software r5epugnant, and
>  hence one must purge all references from the package structure.
>         It doesn't matter to you that the users shan't be offered to
>  install these packages unless they explicitly ask for them.

That matters.

I just don't think that specifically enhancing the package structure
with extra kludge to specially support non-free packages is the right
way to go.

I think that the right way to go is to put the references themselves
into non-free.  The data structure itself is less complicated, the
complexity is represented in the data.

And, by the way, you've still not explained why you think the approach
I'm advocating is grotesque and that the approach you're advocating
is elegant.


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