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Re: ICCCM compliance?

On Thursday, 02 December 1999, at 10:00:42 (-0800),
admin@ferret.phonewave.net wrote:

> This is concerning bug report #51427. Now that I have a better
> handle on what is going on, I wish to re-open the bug, change title
> to "Should Eterm be ICCCM-compliant?" and change it to "Wishlist"
> for the mean time.

ICCCM establishes conventions, which are basically suggestions.  It is
up to the client to determine whether or not to follow them.

> According to warning (4) above (generated by xemacs when I switched
> Modifier bits for my test) an ICCCM-compliant X application is
> supposed to use the KeySym to determine ALT and META.


> Do we have a policy on ICCCM-compliance? What exactly is ICCCM and
> where would I learn about it?


> These tests indicate that Eterm (and it seems Enlightenment as well)
> are not ICCCM-compliant (from what xemacs says). Do they need to be?


Eterm will never be fully ICCCM-compliant, and neither will E.  In
fact, no decent modern window manager is or ever should be.

For example, section requires that icon pixmaps be 1-bit
images, meaning they can only have two colors.  If you want a
full-color icon, you have to use an icon window.  But an icon window
inherits all the limitations of any other window, meaning that it
can't appear in more than one place.  Since any modern, sane window
manager supports icon pixmaps with more than two colors, I chose to
violate ICCCM rather than limit what the window manager can do with
Eterm's icon.

ICCCM also dictates that the window manager should not steal key or
button events from any other client.  When was the last time you ran a
window manager that didn't support some key/mouse combination to
move/resize a window while clicking/dragging within the window itself?
I have never run such a window manager.

That said, I will look into changing Eterm's behavior with regards to
the Meta modifier.


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