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Re: Source dependencies: are we ready?

On Wed, Oct 27, 1999 at 12:14:05AM +0200, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 26, 1999 at 03:46:23PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> > 
> > Sbuild calls dpkg-source to unpack, what does it have to do with the
> > source format?! All it has to do is call whatever executable is needed for
> > the unpacking. It _already_ handles _everything_ else, _and_ the Build
> > Dependencies. My suggestion is to keep the enforcement of build deps out
> > of raw tools like dpkg-source and dpkg-buildpackage and in specialized
> > tools like sbuild (which already has it) and apt (which already builds and
> > downloads packages, so it can handle checking build deps with
> > modifications).
> I agree with Ben that dpkg-source should not care about build dependencies
> (hey, it only unpacks the source, I only need ar and tar and gzip for this!)
> dpkg-buildpackage should optionally verify the build dependencies only.
> apt should have an option to fulfill source depends for a set of packages.
> sbuild is overkill for most people. Also, it is tightly related to the wanna
> build autobuilder. It is pretty much hackish, and I would rather see
> something replacing sbuild than vice versa.

sbuild can be downplayed for what we need in general (leave the current
sbuild to the autobuilders). The thing is, it's features are nice and it
works well, we just need to strip it down for general use.


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