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non-consensus on debug (-g) policy

When this thread first came up, the point was that the package maintainer
should have the option to not compile with -g.

That was fine.

However, the final policy depreciates the current practice in favor of
a new and almost unknown mechanism.

That's not so good:

The way I see it, this whole issue is about optimizing compile time.
The proposed solution gains some speed but specifies that the the
maintainer instrument compilation so that debian/rules can say whether
or not to build with -g.

In many packages, this will be easy.  In some packages, this will be
irrelevant.  However, in some packages it will be rather difficult.

So: I object to depreciating the current -g + strip mechanism.  I believe
that we should allow package maintainers to make the decision between
compilation speed and simplicity.  [I'd be less touchy about this if
I felt that most developers were aware of this new mechanism and that
they all approved of it.]



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